Maine Home Inspections With Home Inspector Jeffery Shirland

Jeffery Shirland

Licensed Home Inspector

Jeffery Shirland is the owner and inspector of Defender Home Inspections, LLC. As a homeowner himself, Jeffery knows what this ride is like—from the stress of home-buying, to the challenges of being a homeowner, to the absolute joy of having a safe and stable living space.

With Jeffery’s expert insights, the turbulent process of getting to where you want to be will slow down and become more certain as you position yourself for making a good home-buying decision. Protecting you is always Jeffery’s priority, physically and financially, and you will undoubtedly be familiarized with the home’s highlights and hazards so that you can invest knowledgeably.

Defending You From the Pitfalls of Home-Buying

As a homeowner for over 20 years, Jeffery has experienced the ups and downs, and he has put in the work to keep his home maintained, fairly appraised, and safe for his family. Jeffery also has experience as a builder and renovator, and he is a tremendous source of knowledge for determining what is strong and what is deficient in a home’s construction.

At times the home-buying process can be discouraging, especially when issues arise—but Jeffery is 100% committed to helping you learn about what’s to come and what to do in order to capitalize fully on this incredible opportunity to change your family’s lives for the better.

A Home Inspector Who Makes Time for His Clients

  • Special scheduling accommodations can be made to help make this process as convenient as possible for our clients—including weekend and evening appointments!
  • The buyer or seller who is scheduling the home inspection is most welcome to be present on-site while we evaluate the home—allowing us to go over our findings in person to help you get a better grasp of what to expect moving forward
  • No matter how long ago your home inspection was performed, we’re still available to answer questions—just give us a phone call at any time, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the answers you’re looking for

When he’s not inspecting homes, Jeffery enjoys spending quality time with his family out on Moosehead Lake—fishing, boating, and simply taking in the scenery. Together, Jeffery and his family also love to travel elsewhere throughout the U.S.

Certified Home Inspector Jeff Shirland

Maine’s Most Dependable Home Inspection

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